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About Meggitt Safety Systems

Committed to performance

Meggitt Safety Systems designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of advanced cable systems for high technology applications. A leading supplier to major airframe and missile manufacturers, EW/ECM equipment and component fabricators, and primary suppliers of nuclear instrumentation, Meggitt's experience and technology have produced coaxial and multiwire cables of the highest performance and reliability characteristics for operation under all types of hostile environmental conditions.

Housed in a modern facility, Meggitt Safety Systems offers an experienced technical staff of both design and production engineers, plus a competent and highly skilled force of manufacturing technicians in a self-sufficient and integrated production facility utilizing sophisticated manufacturing and quality assurance control systems.

State-of-the-art techniques and a unique silicon dioxide dielectric make Meggitt cable systems the ultimate in hermetically sealed, stainless jacketed cable assemblies. We originally developed the silicon dioxide cable system, hold the basic patent, and have supplied more of this type of cable system than all other cable suppliers in the world combined.

As an integral part of the Meggitt PLC, Meggitt Safety Systems can offer the resources, stability and technology of a large, international organization. In operation, Meggitt offers the flexibility, responsiveness, enthusiasm and dedication to its customers to form a close working partnership in the successful fulfillment of all projects.

With this background, our cable systems can tackle the difficulties of hostile environments, maximum reliability service, stringent specification restrictions and demanding performance requirements.

We stand ready and able to contribute to the continuing advancement of technology with high environment, high performance, high reliability cable systems.

The experience to meet changing patterns in technology

Meggitt Safety Systems is proud to have a successful record of coaxial cable performance over a broad range of microwave and instrumentation applications and across a wide variety of unique requirements and hostile environments. Meggitt silicon dioxide cable can be found aboard many of the advanced aircraft, missiles and space vehicles in operation today. In these applications, our cables have been proven under extremes of temperature, in the presence of caustic fluids, in eliminating RFI and EMI, for nuclear hardness, in low signal loss, for phase stability, in high mean time before failure, for low weight, in low life cycle cost, and for ease of installation even in cramped, tight spaces requiring extreme bends.

In critical instrumentation applications, Meggitt silicon dioxide cables have proven to be outstanding performers in nuclear power reactors, for the monitoring of jet and turbine engines, for fire-safety wiring, and under the extremely difficult conditions encountered in petrochemical processing. Our cables have not only stood up to these particular applications, but also they have consistently provided low capacitance for pulse circuitry, high insulation, reduced gamma radiation sensitivity, and low noise for low-level signal transmission.

Experience: The foundation on which Meggitt Safety Systems is building today, to meet the challenge of tomorrow’s changing patterns in technology.


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