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Meggitt Safety Systems

Flex cables

Meggitt Safety Systems' signature product is our unique Silicon dioxide cable. Our signature service is RF and microwave engineering. Our capabilities extend beyond providing cable assemblies. Meggitt can provide system engineering for connecting an entire microwave system, whether that might require silicon dioxide cable or flexible PTFE cable assemblies or both.

For example, Meggitt Safety Systems provides an entire microwave cabling system, including SiO2 and drop in, phase matched, bundled, PTFE microwave harness assemblies for the F-22 and other applications where optimum electrical and mechanical performance is required. Similarly, we supply flexible, PTFE cable assemblies for the D-5 strategic missile. Other critical applications that use our PTFE cable engineering and manufacturing resources include the P-3 Orion. We have won many accolades from our customers for engineering and delivering system solutions.

Meggitt Safety Systems' flex assemblies are designed to endure the most hostile physical conditions while continuing to provide excellent electrical performance against torque, crushing, abrasion, temperature cycling (-50ºC to +125ºC), tension loads (pull force), and extreme flexing.

Meggitt Safety Systems' flex assemblies are produced for extremely low VSWR and maximum mechanical integrity. Electrical performance is mode free through 18 GHz or 26.5 GHz depending on the combination of connectors used. MSSI can phase match cables to each other to +/- 5° at Ku Band frequencies.

Meggitt works as an extension of our customer’s engineering group. We provide system solutions by identifying the best microwave cable design needed to satisfy critical system demands. The best solution may be an extruded PTFE cable or a precision wrapped PTFE cable. In some instances, we may find it necessary to design a special cable to best satisfy the requirements of certain critical applications. We use our own, qualified PTFE cable manufacturing suppliers to provide cable to our specifications. We are responsible for quality assurance of the raw cable, the connectors, the termination, testing, labeling packaging and final delivery. We may use multiple combinations of cable designs to best address the application. Rather than offering a traditional catalogue of limited cable and connector designs, Meggitt offers the best engineering solutions, consistent product performance and reliable customer service. Meggitt is the premier microwave solutions provider, for not only SiO2, but also flexible cable assemblies.



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