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Meggitt Safety Systems

Advanced cable systems for high technology applications

The right connection for every high technology application

Transmitting electric signals with the highest reliability and lowest electrical loss in the most hostile environments, Meggitt Safety Systems silicon dioxide cable can accommodate a broad range of specialized applications in a wide variety of configurations. For example, up to ten wires can be contained within a single stainless steel jacket with an outer diameter of only 0.250 inches nominal. Conductors can be copper, stainless steel, various thermocouple materials or a combination. In addition, Meggitt can provide connectors for various specialized applications.

In most cases, we can greatly reduce the costs, time and preparation involved in the installation procedure.

In operation, our silicon dioxide cable systems require absolutely no maintenance while offering a virtually unlimited life and no deterioration of performance.

Meggitt Safety Systems silicon dioxide cable systems offer:

  • Lowest weight
  • Smallest connector size
  • True hermetically sealed assemblies
  • All welded construction
  • Stainless steel outer jacket
  • Smallest bend radius
  • Smallest diameter per frequency range
  • Low signal loss
  • Low VSWR
  • Low capacitance
  • Broad band width
  • Low noise
  • -110 dB RFI
  • Superior EMI and EMP characteristics
  • Extreme insensitivity to gamma radiation, jet fuels, hydraulic fluids and caustic fluids
  • 500-pound connector pull off
  • Operation up to 900 degrees Centigrade
  • High resistance to abrasives
  • MIL specification flexure capability
  • One million hours mean time between failures
  • No mechanical or electrical aging characteristics
  • All attitude operation
  • 20,000 pounds per square inch compression strength
  • Zero cold flow
  • No expansion with temperature

Engineering solves high technology challenges

After two decades of providing the highest quality coaxial and multiwire cable assemblies to industry, Meggitt Safety Systems' experience and disciplines solve the high technology requirements in special materials and processes, in the development of low loss coaxial cables for microwave applications, in the development of precision hermetically sealed connectors for RF and instrumentation needs, in the ability to meet specialized customer applications for aircraft, missiles, space and nuclear power.

The skills of our mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, physicists and chemists have been demonstrated on programs such as Polaris, Poseidon, Trident; on the Space Shuttle and Global Position Satellite; on military aircraft of the world’s major airframe manufacturers; for the precise instrumentation of commercial nuclear power stations; and in the rugged environment of down-hole petroleum exploration and production.

With fourteen percent of personnel devoted to engineering and the proven capability to engineer products with ever-increasing reliability, Meggitt Safety Systems is continually working to find the best solutions to high technology cable system requirements.

Advanced manufacturing techniques deliver high technology answers

Meggitt Safety Systems production facilities are totally dedicated to the manufacture of coaxial and multiwire cable assemblies using silicon dioxide dielectric materials and stainless steel outer jackets.

The concept of Meggitt cable assemblies is based on hydraulic extrusion of the dielectric material around one or more conductors. The extrusions are enclosed in a composite copper/stainless steel outer jacket drawn to proper diameter. Hermetically welding precision, hermetically sealed connectors to each end provides a totally, hermetically-sealed cable assembly. This technique provides extended life and unprecedented reliability as no other manufacturing process can.

The skills required to maintain the highest reliability and product uniformity are based on the longevity of key production technicians and on the highly specialized equipment necessary to the manufacturing process. Manufacturing engineering continually updates and refines the basic processes and the specialized tooling so necessary to the manufacture of our advanced cable systems. In addition, we have developed many proprietary manufacturing processes to control and produce the advanced cable systems that meet the stringent requirements of high technology applications.

Quality and reliability: Built in and tested

At Meggitt Safety Systems, quality assurance is fully ten percent of the total work force. These quality assurance experts examine, analyze and implement the necessary controls to verify that design and fabrication meet specified requirements.

The Meggitt quality assurance program meets all acceptance standards for military and commercial specifications, including EW/ECM, NASA and nuclear specifications. In addition, both the program and facilities have received approval from all major airframe, missile, nuclear instrumentation and government contractors.

We fully document each manufacturing process and inspection and test procedure. While a continuing record is maintained from start to finish of each assemble, final electrical test data is provided for every number by serial number. This complete and printed documentation is made available to customers as required.

Research: The answer for high technology progress

With every advance in high technology, we continually perform the necessary research to aid and contribute to this on-going process called progress. New customer applications and state-of-the-art advances in equipment technology are constantly reviewed while a close dialogue is maintained with marketing and technical groups within the industry.

Meggitt research includes new designs for hermetic connectors and cables systems to withstand the ever increasing power requirements and higher operating frequencies. As package sizes continue to be reduced, our research is at work to meet the need for higher density and smaller cable and connector sizes.

Totally committed to the concept of progress, Meggitt Safety Systems is involved in the never-ending research into reducing cable system costs while maintaining maximum cable reliability and performance



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