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Assembly calculator

The calculator below can be used to estimate the maximum insertion loss (dB loss) of Meggitt's SiO2 cable assemblies. Actual values may vary somewhat from the calculated numbers based on manufacturing tolerances, cable length, connectors, operating frequency, and measurement accuracy. Please contact Meggitt Safety Systems, Inc. for guaranteed Insertion Loss numbers.

The Excel spreadsheet. provides the best and most accurate information regarding cable assembly performance. Please click on the words Excel spreadsheet. to access this option.

Alternatively, a simplified on-line loss calculator is provided below for those who do not have a spreadsheet capability

IMPORTANT NOTE: The on-line calculator requires Microsoft IE 5 or newer to properly function. Other browsers may not work.

  1. Select the type of cable diameter of interest using the drop down box
  2. Input the frequency of interest in GHz (for frequencies above 18GHz please contact us for guaranteed loss)
  3. Input the length of cable in inches
  4. Select the type of connector using the drop down box
  5. Press the 'Calculate' button
  6. Repeat steps 1,2,3, 4 & 5 for various insertion loss calculations

Input type of cable diameter
Input Frequency in GHz
Input cable length in inches
Select type of connector

Calculated Total Insertion Loss


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